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You Need to Feel in Order to Heal!

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You Need to Feel in Order to Heal!

You need to feel in order to heal

You might have come across the quote “You have to feel it to heal it” and are wondering what that means. Why do you have to feel it to heal it? Let’s start with the meaning.

What does feel it to heal it mean?

You’ve recently experienced heartbreak. You’re hurt, sad, and angry. And for the umpteenth time, you’ve tried to distract yourself from the painful thought, believing these are all negative emotions. You do not want to feel them. You feign happiness. You think you’re stronger than this. You’ve got this! And for the umpteenth time, you’ve failed. Because at the end of the day, the truth floods your mind, and you crumble in pain because, sadly, you’ve not actually dealt with it.

Reality hurts, the truth hurts. And we have two options in the face of adversity: to either fight or flee. If you refuse to acknowledge and feel the pain within, it will find ways to acknowledge itself and haunt you.

Cry if you will. It isn’t a weakness. It is acknowledging your feelings. It’s choosing fight rather than flight.

Healing starts with a feeling. To truly heal from it, you must first feel it.


Why do you have to feel it to heal it?

Let’s face it, many of us put on a mask, a facade to hide our insecurities, vulnerabilities, and fears. But it’s hurting us the longer we hide from it.

Perhaps there’s a hard decision you need to make. A tough decision that might hurt you, like leaving an abusive partner who you’ve been with for ages, who was once very loving and you still love. And you still love them up till this moment. Or perhaps it’s a well-paying job you need to leave because it’s limiting you in other ways. Making the tough decision to leave will hurt you. But the longer you remain in that place, the more your soul gets crushed.

Sometimes, you have to make decisions that will hurt

your heart so that you can heal your soul.

We can’t prevent what has already happened or the situation we’ve experienced. But we can say yes, make a decision to step out and create a new story for ourselves. We must first make the decision to feel it as that’s when we start to truly heal.

Clinical Psychologist

Shez Kennedy

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