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You are Enough!

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You are Enough!

You are Enough!

Have you ever worried if you’ve got all it takes? Have you ever thought you couldn’t be all that’s expected of you? Ever felt inadequate? I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

What “I am enough” means and why it’s important

You are enough means accepting all your flaws and acknowledging your strengths wholeheartedly. It is understanding and accepting your identity. Without self-acceptance, you can never be at peace with yourself and will be constantly swayed by what others think of you. When you know you are enough, you can finally be at peace with your imperfections.

You are enough, and there is nothing else you need to be deemed more worthy, acceptable, or loved.

You could sometimes feel inadequate in regard to your finances, body image, or capabilities. And it can sometimes be difficult in today’s society to remember that we don’t need too many materialistic things to be happy. What we see on social media fuels the anxiety, and we begin to doubt if we meet up at all. We begin to evaluate self-worth by what we have rather than who we are.

But indeed, you are already enough as you are.

How to always remember that you are enough

You must always remind yourself that you are enough, and your mind can play tricks on you. Always remember your strengths when you feel down and powerless. To believe you are enough is to let go of perfection. No one can be perfect; perfection is an endless, draining game. Remember that you have flaws like everyone else; some just hide theirs behind happy photos. Know that you will make mistakes too, and that’s okay.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Even when you do, do not let your sight off of your own strengths. You don’t need to do that cosmetic surgery in order to be accepted as beautiful. Those things do not bring ultimate happiness. To acknowledge that you are enough is to know that all you need to be happy is a positive attitude and a small, supportive circle of friends and family.

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Shez Kennedy

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